Roadcast is Uber Egypt's in-ride
entertainment partener

We provide a digital marketing opportunity direct to Uber passengers
with measurable results.


Roadcast is Advertising on interactive touch screens

Advertiser are able to create brand awareness campaigns, call-to-action promotions
or share stories through amazing branded content


Immersive Games


Snackable Videos


Lifestyle Articles

Why Roadcast

In this ever-evolving media world attention spans of audiences have drastically declined from 12 seconds in the year 2000 to 8.25 seconds in the year 2016 this leaves advertisers with daily fresh challenges of fighting over a declining share of voice. In Roadcast we’ve designed our entertainment system to put the viewer first, with only 6 minutes of the 25 average ride time available for advertisement messages, leaving the viewer happily entertained, the advertiser effective, and Roadcast retaining its status as a the exciting platform it is


Our Vision

A tablet in every commercial vehicle in the MENA region with engaging and entertaining content for all audience.